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Doula Milwaukee has the answer to all your questions and concerns. As a mother, we understand you are looking for the best for you, your family and your baby. And we are here to help. Contact us today so we can get started on showing you how we are exactly what you are looking for!

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Welcome To Doula Milwaukee

Doula Milwaukee is happy to have you hear. It means you are looking to help not only your baby and your family, but you're looking to help yourself have the easiest and most joyous pregnancy and labor possible.

You are thinking of you and your family’s future, and you want it to be a prepared, good one. We understand that, and we are here to help you achieve what you are hoping for!

We are the best in our community with the best trained doulas around. We offer the best doula services when it comes to your pregnancy, your labor, and postpartum doula care.

Why Choose Doula Milwaukee?

Milwaukee Doula is a company that keeps our mothers and their families at top priority. We care and value how our mothers go through their pregnancies, their labor, and how they are after they are allowed to take the newborn home! Our company has made it our mission that we keep the best trained, up to date in certification doulas, to help mothers in need.

We value that our mothers can feel assured that they are working with the best in our field, so they feel calm and taken care of in every way. We are so happy to have worked with all the mothers, we have, and to show them why we are the best choice in our community. We have the professionals you are hoping to have at this big time of your life!

As a mother who is looking for what's best for her baby and her family, we are here to tell you, you have found it. Milwaukee Doula is what you are looking for. We are reliable and trustworthy and professional experts at what we offer! It is important to our company that:

  • Our families feel like number one priority to us
  • That we offer a variety of services to meet your needs
  • That our doulas are top trained and experts in their field
  • That our doulas are up to date in all their certifications
  • That our doulas are reliable and quick to answer any questions to ask a doula you want

Throughout the years, we have been able to help so many mothers through their pregnancy and birth journey! And we have been honored to do so. Mothers have been able to rely on us for years, and they will continue to do so for years to come!

If you contact us today, we can start being that person you can lean on. Call us today to book an appointment, so you can get to know one of our doulas, and we can get to know you! Or just call today to get a free estimate! We would be happy to talk to you.

What To Expect From Doula Milwaukee

Doula Milwaukee maintains a service that our mothers love. Not only do they love what we have to offer but they find it dependable and authentic. Our mothers can be comforted to know that our doulas are drilled and taught to be the leading in their field. Our doulas are prepared for any situation that can occur with you and your baby, they are there to look after you and your family as well. A newborn baby not only includes you and the baby, but also your immediate family! And Doula Milwaukee is thinking about them too, so you don't have to.

When you contact us today, you will find that our company is ready to start working with you and your schedule! We know how busy life can be as a mother, or even just an expecting mother with her first child. We want to be there from the beginning to help you plan out your perfect birth! Your perfect day with your newborn baby, feeling prepared and comforted by the fact you have the perfect assistance there.

Let us schedule a time to meet you personally and understand your needs. We would love to meet up whenever and wherever works for you! At your own house, at a park near you, for a quick lunch if that's what you want! We are ready! Call us today, and we will set you up with one of our doulas according to your needs and values.

Our Services

Doula Milwaukee WI offers services and packages that all mothers are looking for. We are here to serve you and guide you through your pregnancy with a prenatal doula, help you through labor with one of our birth doulas, and lastly, help after the birth at home, with a postpartum doula!

milwaukee prenatal doula


  • Our doulas offer to help you mock up your perfect birth plan

  • Our doulas help you through your pregnancy with eating the necessary nutrients for you and your baby

  • Our doulas are ready to advise and support you in any decision you make

  • Our doulas are ready to help you and your partner prepare for labor! Mentaly, physically and emotionally!

  • Our doulas are knowledgeable about all you will have concerns about and any questions to ask a doula you can imagine
milwaukee birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Ready to support you during your labor!

  • Able to help and be there whether it be in an home setting or hospital setting

  • Able to check on any additional kids you may have

  • Able to help you find positions and techniques to induce your labor!

  • Able to simplify and ease the communication between you and your doctor, and will help stick to your birth plan!

  • Able to help with your pain through holistic techniques

  • Happy to capture any moments you were hoping to get on camera
milwaukee postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula

  • Ready to help you take home your newborn!

  • Ready to help with sleep scheduling for you and your baby

  • Ready to help with whichever feeding approach you decide to do

  • Ready to help with light chores and errands

  • Ready to help with additionally kids at home

  • Ready to help with meal prepping for your family

  • Ready to help you and your family adapt to a newborn at home

About Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a large population of around 9 thousand people! A city that has an economy that is based on agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare! Now as a visitor, what you will be more interested to know is what we offer for fun and entertainment! We are known for our breweries, and our Harley-Davidson museum! The museum includes one of Elvis Presley’s own motorcycles. Come visit and see the sites! We have plenty!

  • West Allis, WI
  • Wauwatosa, WI
  • Cudahy, WI
  • Whitefish Bay, WI
  • Shorewood, WI
  • Glendale, WI


“What does an end of life doula do?”

And end of life doula is ready to help an individual get through the end stages of life. They provide comfort and company, and ways to manage pain. They help the individual and their family emotionally prepare themselves as well

“What is a death doula?”

A death doula is another name of end of life doula, those who help individuals get through the end of their life journey

“What is the variance between doula vs. midwife?”

A doula is not a medically responsible individual that will help birth your child. A doula is an individual who will help you get through labor, will help your pai, will help stick to your birth pla, and who can help afterwards as well!

“How much does a doula cost normally?”

How much is a doula is usually the biggest concern mothers have! Doula prices vary per package and companies. DOula Milwaukee cost varies as well, according to your needs! Call us today for a free estimate!

“What's a doula for, what does a doula do during labor?”

A doula is the perfect help during labor. To help with pain management, to help induce labor, and to help with back massages and checking on any other kids!

“How can I find the best fitting doulas near me?”

We have made it our mission to find the best doula near you FOR you!! No need to worry yourself, and do countless searches to “find a doula near me” or “doula services near me”, we have made it our job to find a doula near you that is the perfect doula for you.

“What is a postnatal doula?”

A postnatal doula is another name for postpartum doula. Which includes the care of the newborn and their mother! Which includes sleep scheduling, feeding and learning all the needs of a newborn babe!

“How can I find a postpartum doula near me?”

We are here to meet your needs, if you are only wanting a postpartum doula, we are here to help you find the perfect fit for you! Call us today so we can get started!

"I am so glad I decided to get a doula. I was on the fence from the beginning because I had never had one before, in any of my other births. This one I wanted to do at home though, I had had easy enough pregnancies before, with no complications so I felt like I could do it at home! Well let me tell you, when it comes to it, you are happy to have people there who know what's going on. She was worth every penny to feel safe and taken care of that day."

Paige f

"I was excited to meet my doula! We met up at a coffee shop near my house, just something quick to get to know her. I thought we would hit it off right away, but honestly she was super sweet, but it wasn't the right fit. I got in contact with Doula Milwaukee soon after and asked if I could try meeting with another doula. They were so so great and understanding, and immediately asked about my schedule to see when I could meet another doula! And she was the PERFECT fit!!"

Louise n

"Doula Milwaukee was a dream to work with. As another of 4 and expecting number 5, my schedule can be a little hectic. They were so quick to work around what I needed, even when I needed to reschedule TWICE and make sure they understood all my needs and that they were all met. It was perfect and everything I needed."

Jina p

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Doula Milwaukee is excited to get started with you today! We are so happy you are expecting and we are ready to help you through this joyous time of life! We guarantee the best prenatal doulas, the birth doulas, and the best postpartum doula care. We are a doula agency you can count on. Contact us today to get started today, so that you can receive the help and assistance you need.

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